YTD graph on page with period filter (mth year)

Hi, I have a page with a filter for mth / year, say Dec 2019.

I would like to include a graph showing performance year to date based on my sales measure.

30 Sales L2 YTD =
CALCULATE([30 Sales L2];DATESYTD(Dates[Date]))

The graph only shows the December month though, I have tried overriding the filter on the visual, but couldnt make that work. Any advise very welcome.

PS… super impressed with this fabulous site, thanks so much Sam :slight_smile:

Hi @lvlandmark

Please see: Does Your Support Question Have Everything Required To Be Answered Effectively?

How is this measure calculated?
[30 Sales L2]

Can you provide a sample PBIX? That’s always helpful to the users providing support on the forum.

Hi Melissa, OK, I can do that. But just to explain the measure calculates sales year to date based on the month I select, and this works fine when I put it in a table I get the correct number… so thats all good.

My challenge is that I wanted make a graph on the same page to show sales in each month, but the graph only shows the selected month, I wondered if there was a way to override the page filter to expand the graph to show more months.

Hi Laura,

So I guess it’s imporant to understand why you’d need a page level filter on month/year?
Can you elaborate on that - thanks

Sure. I have a page showing profit and loss results, this year (YTD) and last year (LYTD). I also have a balance sheet with an outgoing balance per year to date. This is all determined by the period selected in the slicer. So if you select dec 2019 for example you effectively get a P&L & BS for the whole year, but if you select jun 2019 you get a PL and BS for half a year.

This all works really well.

I would like to include a graph to visualize the sales performance for each month in the year, and this is where it stops up as my graph will only return the result for the selected period instead of each period YTD, so Jan-Jun, or Jan-Dec (or whatever) in the relevant year.

Maybe I am trying to achive the impossible?!

Well a slicer is not the same as a page level filter. Can you try this:

  1. select your slicer
  2. on the ribbon go to Format / Edit interactions
  3. set the interaction to None for the graph visual you want to exclude

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