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Waterfall Chart in a Tabular Form

I have attached a pbix file,
I want to achieve this look from the given database.Waterfall Report.pbix (58.6 KB)


I don’t understand the purpose of this post. You posted the same question yesterday, and I spent a sizable amount of time developing a solution, which you marked as solved.

If that solution did not meet your needs, you should let me know but posting the same question twice is inappropriate.

  • Brian

@BrianJ The solution you provided was very accurate and it is fixed in fact I am using your file with little changes so that solution is good.
The other post is similar but with different Data set and I have received another requirement on the same format that is why I have posted this as new.
I didn’t wanted to confuse the forum by posting on the same thread with added requirement again and again that is why I have posted this as new.

If you see the File the Data set is not that … it is different but would like to acheive with more details such as
The Waterfall should only show till the current period i.e. if we are at April it should show the realized (demand Units ) in color (which you already provided the solution) and rest of the cells should show from the Forecast Column of the table.


Thanks very much for the clarification. When I saw the initial post it seemed so close to yesterday’s post that I thought you were just not happy with the solution provided and reposted.

However, given your explanation here I now see that you’ve done exactly what we typically advise, which is if you have a different question on a solved thread to post that as a new thread. I apologize if my prior post came across a bit harsh or defensive.

– Brian


@BrianJ That is Fine Sir …


Hi @mohammedkhan11! We noticed that your inquiry was left unsolved for quite some time now. We strive to answer ALL inquiries in the forum. However, if you are sure that you provided all pertinent context to your concerns and read how to use the forum more effectively and still find your question unanswered, you can check out tutorials to learn this yourself as your membership also comes with relevant resources that may help you with your Power BI education.

While our users and experts do as much as reasonable to help you with your inquiries, not all concerns can be attended to especially if there are some learnings to be done. Thank you!