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Vlookup from Query Editor


I’m trying to form the Query Editor add value from another table based on a unique ID. Essentially a Vlookup but from inside the Query Editor. I have come across a few items but everything I have tried so far does not work. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

Hi Matthew,

Try this:

Let us know if this is what you’re looking for,


Thanks for the article. I should have mentioned I already tried that Lookupvalue function. I’m not sure if it may be an issue with how I have the relationships setup but I have 3 tables.


  • CarrierPayments

The DSS_DATA table has a date value I want to insert to the other two tables. Below is a screenshot of how I have the relationships setup. They are in a snowflake now. Each off these tables our fact tables.

Any thoughts?

Hi Matthew,

I’m going to make a couple guesses, since I can’t see the rest of your tables.

  1. This is medical info (unable to be shared)
  2. There’s a lookup table that matches up Patient info somewhere off-screen
  3. There isn’t a stand-alone date table

Your ask is to add dates to the other 2 fact tables from DSS data.

With a date table in place, you can create relationships to your fact tables, and perform any of the time intelligence reporting that you can think of, without having to create calculated columns to chew through every time you load/refresh your report.

Here’s Sam’s blog on date tables:

I hope this helps.

Hi @matthew.wright,

Power Query VLOOKUP is actually done by merging tables. Makes sense if you think about it, after all a VLOOKUP is simply pulling a column from one table into another table. To quote this article which describes it quite well IMO.

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Thank that helped. I think I have it pulling just like I need it to now. Your guess was correct I do have medical information so I wasn’t able to share the file but this was very helpful thank you

Thank you! Also very helpful. I have it working now!

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