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Video on Use of DAX Studio

In a recent thread, @Nick_M replied:

I am in the same boat for sure. Sometimes I have have a hard time visualizing the virtual tables inside my head. Especially when you add in context transition.

What I have found tremendously helpful is using Dax Studio. Have to write a query (vs. a measure or calculated table) but most of the time it’s simply just adding EVALUATE and then either producing a table for me to look at or if it is a measure I am interested in, using ROW.

Also I have found it faster than creating a table in PBI.

Anyhow, just something to think about as there are a few ways to learn all of this, but just wanted to share what I have found most helpful for myself.

Display searching pretty extensively, I’ve never found a really good 15-20 minute video that clearly and concisely walks through the major capabilities of DAX Studio. I think this would be really beneficial for the Enterprise DNA members/subscribers, as well as the larger Power BI community.

Thanks for considering.

  • Brian

Yes agree will look into this one

Mike Girvin (Excelisfun) has a few useful videos where he explains DAX Studio.


There is now a video on Enterprise DNA about DAX studio

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