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Very slow power query

I don’t think I have found any request similar to mine in the forum.
So, all my files are in onedrive.
I have a table from an excel file (Bal_Qry), that i import it, and with no more than 3 lines in power query. This table has 41 rows. Simple lines like change type and remove rows
Another table, (Tab Mov Acumul), that i get from SQL Database has 30.397 records but at the end of the query, they are 296 rows, after a dozen of lines, like remove columns, unpivot, add columns and group rows.
I have combine them both through a merge and still 296 rows of course. This query has 5 or 6 lines, like a simples add column, split column, remove columns and change type. I have disable the enable load on both.
Everytime i change something on this query, i have to wait forever, like 5 minutes or so, up to around 30K records.
Is there any way of speeding this?
Thank you all

Hi @pedroccamara,

I would expect so. Start by reviewing these threads.


Hey @Melissa
Thank you for your reply. I didn’t manage to get it faster but i believe i have some kind of problem in my connection or at the server. Very good tips thow @Melissa
Thank you so much