Totals values are not calculated correctly

Hi Together, I have advanced calculations which do not calculate the sum value correctly. Even with some ideas from our forum I can’t get any further. Thanks for your help

Test.pbix (936.5 KB)

What you need to use is SUMMARIZE. Here is a Measure I used to get the correct totals for one of your measures:

Total Sales Styling Appointment 2 =
        Customer[Customer ID],
        "Total Sales", CALCULATE (
            [Total Sales],
            DATESBETWEEN (
                [Date of First Purchase Styling],
                [Date of First Purchase Styling] + 4
    [Total Sales]


Here is a great video to watch:

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Please take a look at this thread below. I believe it addresses the identical problem you are having.

If you still have trouble after working through this, just give a shout.

  • Brian

Two replies at the same time. Apparently, @ojones just types slightly faster…

Interesting variation in approaches that gets to the same end result.

  • Brian
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So many thank. It´s a great solution and works fine.