TIME SENSITIVE: $500 PowerApps Training Course for Free

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A friend of mine at Microsoft passed this along to me today. This is the same PowerApps short course that Microsoft was offering live at MBAS this year for $500 before the conference got moved to a one-day virtual event, and the short courses got scratched.

They are now making the course available for free via multiple sessions online. If you are interested I recommend you sign up right away, since each session has only a limited number of attendees and spots are filling up quickly.

  • Brian

App in a Day Returns!

After a brief scheduling gap during our fiscal year transition, I’m happy to report that the App in a Day (AiaD) series is back with strength - a key part of building Power Apps momentum in your organizations! Want to learn more or schedule a session? Go to: http://aka.ms/aiad. I’ve pasted the executive summary below and invite you to forward this email along…

As a business leader, you want to react quickly to the changing market and cannot stay dependent on developing a software solution to do that. You want the ability to build a solution to meet your business needs swiftly. With the Microsoft Power Platform, you can build great business apps without writing code.

Digitize business processes, work more efficiently and become more paperless
With Power Apps, you will enable power-users in line of business roles to easily build and deploy custom business apps in both Canvas and Model-driven style of apps.
Easily connect all your applications and share data
With Common Data Service for Apps, you can easily bring your data together and quickly create powerful apps using a compliant and scalable data service and app platform integrated right into Power Apps.
Automate and optimize your business processes
Finally, with Power Automate as your business service, your line of business specialists and IT pros can build automated workflows intuitively.

At the end of the training, you will be able to:

Create custom business applications without writing code.
Learn how to build sophisticated business processes and complex data relationships within your applications.
Learn how to connect your app to a variety of data sources to bring it to life.
Share your apps inside your organization securely.

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Just signed up, thanks for the tip!

Thanks Brian, I just signed up for the App in a Day sesh too! :smiley: