Thread: Dax Studio

This is a useful tool for working with PowerBI/DAX that I use:

Any updates to the product or if you want share how to use / functionality…

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Let’s bring some resources together to help members get started if they are intrested.

Great article by Matt Allington:

Introduction video by Ruth Pozuelo Martinez:

and feature videos on DAX Studio


Marco Russo has begun posting an excellent series of videos on how to use DAX Studio. Here’s the series so far:

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@marcster_uk This is more of an application for others’ benefit than a how-to, but at my company we’ve found DAX Studio crucial for creating snapshots in time of the results of some of our monthly processes. Power BI’s native exporting capabilities are limited in record size, but with DAX Studio we’re able to extract millions of records to compile elsewhere.

For example, we’re able to compare our forecast for Q4 2020 as it existed as of February 2020 to our forecast of Q4 2020 as it exists now in May 2020 (very different :slightly_smiling_face:). DAX Studio, just by using the EVALUATE command on the table name from the model, allows us to enshrine our current view of things for posterity. We just append further iterations to that data set over time.

Hi @Tim_L, Interesting. Snapshots of data for comparison. This tool is useful to have.