Slicer using Dax calcualtions - selection will display results for 3 visuals, and different results for 3 other visuals

Good morning,

I have a scenario I am trying to work through. We have a slicer that list 4 different regions. I want to be able to select one region, 3 of the visuals (Matrix, Card and another Matrix) will display the results completed by reps from that region. The other 3 visuals (same as other visuals) will displays the results of reps from other regions that completed work in the selected region.

I currently set visual level filters to get the desired results. Which will need to be manually adjusted for each region. With 6 pages and 6 visuals per page can get time consuming.


Measures used in the Visuals.

  1. FTE By Created Date = CALCULATE([Hours By Creation Date]/20.5/5.6)
  2. Count of Cases Creation Date = COUNT(‘By Creation Date’[Cases])
  3. Hours By Creation Date = [Minutes by Creation date]/60
  4. Hours Difference CO-CR = [Hours By Completion Date]-[Hours By Creation Date]
  5. Processor DCount By Creation Date = DISTINCTCOUNT(‘By Creation Date’[Processor])
  6. FTE By Created Date Avg = ‘FTE Measures’[FTE By Created Date]/[Count of Months (CR)]

I have looked at the Bookmark angle. I would prefer to do it on the DAX level. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @jdavis0331

What i understand is we’ve a slicer(East, West, North, South) with single selection.
When we select East 3 Visuals will show East results and other 3 Visuals will show West, North and South right ?

It is possible with DAX. We’ve to create 2 measures

One measure with selected value from slicer and another measure with values not selected from slicer.


I cover how to do this in the video below. If you want to jump right to this specific use case, go to the 10:40 mark:

My example uses a date slicer, but it works equally well with a non-date slicer like “Region”.

I hope this is helpful.

– Brian

Brain, thank you for your response. Is the PBIX file posted somewhere i can look at it?


Here you go:

  • Brian

thank you sir

Hi @jdavis033, please be sure to check out our DAX Clean Up tool it’s a great way to ensure to make your DAX code easy to read. Thanks!