PBIX to video on Enterprise DNA TV

Hi Brian,
On Enterprise. Is it possibly to download the files which is used on Enterprise DNA TV.
You have done a video with the title: Date Harvest Deep Dive - Power BI Time Intelligence.

I would like to look deeper into that pbix file.

Kind regrads


I think @sam.mckay and the @EnterpriseDNA team are still working out exactly how they want to archive the materials from these videos on the site. However, in the interim I’ve attached the PBIX file from the Date Harvest Deep Dive video below.

I hope this is helpful.

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Many thanks Brian.
Thanks for the file.

I have also been wundering where the filesare archived. Thanks the information.

Kind regrads


FYI - once it’s all worked out, @melissa and I will provide an update in this thread:

Thanks very much for your interest in the series - we’ve had a great time putting it together.

  • Brian