Slicer - selecting multiple selections using shift

I’m moving a report from Excel to Power BI.

In Excel the users can select multiple items in a slicer by clicking on one item, holding down [shift] and then clicking another item. All the items in between are selected.

For example click 1, then hold shift and click 5 and everything in-between is selected.

Is there a way to do the same thing in Power BI?

Hello @BillK,

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To do like this in Power BI there are 2 options available under the “Selection Controls” option -

  1. Multi - select with CTRL or

  2. Show “Select All” option. By enabling this you can select all the items at the start and de-select the items which you don’t want to show as result.

  3. You can turn off all the options and then select the multiple items. The only difference between option 2 and 3 will be you won’t be having the “Select All” Option therefore you’ll required to select all the items manually.

But what you’re trying to achieve using the Shift option is not applicable in Power BI.

I’m attaching the screenshot below for the reference.

Select date using shift option

Hoping you find this useful.

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