Size of PBI file

Is there a difference btw creating calculated columns using DAX and creating custom column in power query in terms of the size of the final file?
Also difference btw performing union etc using DAX VS in power query in terms of final file size.
Also, Is 1GB too much for a pbi dataset? Refresh time seems to be fine, if I have premium license, the 1 GB limit per dataset won’t be an issue, right?

you can read a comprehensive article for the difference between a measure and a calculated column. Whatever the transformation you can do in Power Query is always better than performing with DAX.

1GB is okay for a pbi dataset if it’s not taking a lot of time to refresh. With premium licensing, you wont be having issues with limit per dataset as it is 10GB per dataset.


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Is it enough to assign the workspace a premium capacity

This article will help you in deciding whether you need premium or pro licensing:

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