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Showcase Examples In Depth

Hi, the Showcase Example In Depth course area has several videos covering reports such as the Insurance Complaints Reporting Application but the videos are short around 5/6 mins and recorded at speed, how do i view the full normal speed recording as i would like to go through the course?

Hello @BCS,

Thank You for posting your query onto the Forum.

Well the “Showcase Example In Depth” course provides the overview about what sort of approach was adopted and provides the quick glimpse of it.

If you want to see and learn the start to finish dashboards and what sort of approach are being incorporated while creating the dashboards alongwith the in-depth and detailed explanation then you can refer the other courses available onto our education portal.

Below are the some of the links provided for the reference which covers the course specifically related to the dashboarding. You can also go through the “Learning Summit Series” where it covers both the approaches i.e. creating the data setup and formulas and then overview about creation of dashboards.

Also there are several short videos available onto our education portal as well as on the YouTube where several experts and Sam Sir have explained about their approach that they’ve adopted while creating reports for the challenges. I’m also providing a link of EDNA YouTube playlists where you’ll find all the videos including the ones which are created based on the recent challenges.

Hoping you find this useful and meets your requirements that you’ve been looking for. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Harsh but why aren’t the full videos available for these showcases as they are obviously recorded?

Hello @BCS,

The overall idea was just to record the screen and show it as a fast recording. Here’s the announcement made by the Sam Sir during the very first challenge when it was launched.

And based on this announcement most of the members and experts just recorded their screens and then best reports were selected and showcased through screen recorder which overall shows that how they approached this challenge. The main idea behind recording the screen was not to provide the explanation. But yes the reports which are selected as best reports for them short videos are being created by the Sam Sir as well as by experts and more videos are also coming soon on this topic so you can subscribe the EDNA YouTube channel for more videos related to this topic.

Hoping now this is clear why explanation is not available at the first instance. But you can check out the link which I’ve provided related to YouTube playlist.

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Hi, @Harsh but why is the content contained within an area called Showcases Examples - In Depth within an overall environment called courses? As if the end result is provided without the training element of how to get there, this is not a course. I can understand the content from users of the site are not provided but I would have expected the content from Sam himself to be provided as surely that is what I am paying for via my fees which are not cheap.

Not every showcase has a step by step video recording walking through how to complete these. Sometimes I complete recordings in complete silence so I can just focus on the building.

We are constantly working on new content and will be diving n many challenge submissions in the near future as there is so much great stuff included in a lot of these reports.


I do myself plan to create recorded content regarding the insurance complaints submission soon in the coming months.

We are in the midst of planning out content for the next 12-18 months, so a lot to announce

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Hi Sam, there is a lot of amazing quality on the site the challenges and showcases have some great reports and it’s great that we can download the reports but the piece for me that is missing is the how the user / yourself created the report which is the real value add part and something that I would pay for as I understand that a lot of time and effort has gone into developing the reports.

There are plenty of examples here within this particular course

But I agree with you, and we are planning a big push into create a lot more content like you have described.

Stay tuned.


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