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Schedule for Power BI Accelerator - Week #5

Accelerator Participants,

Just a brief word about the schedule for the Week #5 problems set and live solution event. Typically, I try to release the problem sets on Wednesdays. With the holiday weekend this week, and the fact that this problem set took me a little longer than usual to develop, we will be releasing it tomorrow (9/10). I finished the draft earlier this week, but wanted to give the Advisory Team sufficient time to work through it to make sure that I was on point with regard to the focus, complexity and estimated level of effort.

This one focuses on Time Intelligence, using the Internet Movie Database data for the second week (I was originally thinking we would take on a real-world dataset suggested by a member, but we now are going to use that for the next Data Challenge instead).

To give you all sufficient time to work on the problem set, we will be scheduling the live solution event for Wednesday, September 22.

Thanks for your patience – we think this a good one, and will be worth the wait.

  • Brian

My first go at an accelerator. Formatting still needs fixing.

Cumulative comes up with an error when dates go down to 1987.Report is very slow to respond when any changes made.

Enterprise DNA Power BI Accelerator – Week #5 Problem Set Final.pbix (17.1 MB)

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Per my message last night, here’s the registration link for the rescheduled Power BI Accelerator
Live Solution Event #5, now scheduled for Wednesday, September 29 at 5 PM EST.

Here’s what @sam.mckay and I will be covering:

Hope to see you there, but as always, if you can’t make it or the time zone timing does not work for you, we will record the session and post it to the portal soon after we conclude.