Read-Only License for Power BI

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Today I would like to provide a link of one of the Community Webinars which was organized by the Microsoft Power BI just few hours back where Reeza Rad has explained in depth about the licensing requirements for Power BI end-users. How one can effectively and efficiently choose the licensing plans offered by the Microsoft. In order to understand this much better he had explained the concepts by taking up different scenario levels so that better decisions can be made whether to go for Power BI Pro or Power BI Premium.

In the recent past, we’ve received queries about how the Power BI end users can view the reports freely without purchasing the Pro license. And this video addresses all the questions that we’ve when we want to share our reports with the end-users or our clients.

I’m also providing links of some of the queries that were asked onto the forum by our members pertaining to this topic and the remedies/solutions provided to overcome these problems.

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