Quickly create Dynamics 365 Power BI reports

Hi all,

I’ve setup a report from which you can create Dynamics 365 Power BI reports in minutes making use of the CDS connector.

Some additional advantages:

  • No external tools like XRM toolbox required,
  • dataflows compatible,
  • data reduction capabilities,
  • optionset display values without hacks
  • ability to switch environments
  • generate D365 links

The file can be found here and how-to here.

PS: will be adding more how-to’s on youtube soon (like generating links, convert to dataflows, handling multiple environments, reduce data import, …)

Hope it helps.




Hi @Wlknsn, Thank you for providing us a very good insight into group discussion in Power BI. We recently launched the Forum Survey, which enables us to review the members’ feedback and the improvement needed in the forum. We will greatly appreciate if you can answer the Enterprise DNA Forum User Experience Survey and rest assured that all your inputs will be well recognized.