Quickly create Dynamics 365 Power BI reports

Hi all,

I’ve setup a report from which you can create Dynamics 365 Power BI reports in minutes making use of the CDS connector.

Some additional advantages:

  • No external tools like XRM toolbox required,
  • dataflows compatible,
  • data reduction capabilities,
  • optionset display values without hacks
  • ability to switch environments
  • generate D365 links

The file can be found here and how-to here.

PS: will be adding more how-to’s on youtube soon (like generating links, convert to dataflows, handling multiple environments, reduce data import, …)

Hope it helps.




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@Wlknsn Just wanted to ask if this approach is applicable to D365 F&O.


No, F&O isn’t on Dataverse so you can’t use that connector. If you’re looking for direct query capabilities to query realtime info, it’s a bit more complex with F&O where you can use for example a lakes & fabric (or Snowflake etc).

Thanks @Wlknsn for the quick response!
I’m new to working with D365 F&O, and I’m currently working with views created in SSMS from the datalake. However, I’m encountering some issues where not all transaction records are being pulled through. I’m eager to learn more about the architecture and how to ingest the correct data.

Can anyone offer guidance or insights on how to overcome this challenge? I’m open to learning and finding a solution to ensure I can access the complete dataset.

Hi @Godzy, Can you please start a new topic? Common practice in the forum, once a posting is in solved mode, we don’t add anything to it. People of the forum doesn’t look at that states “solved”/

You will get better results if you start a new topic.