Quick Measures Gallery in Power BI Community - not what you think

I’ve been working in PowerBI since 2017 (had to check my files to find that info - my first published report was Jan 2018)
And I thought I had a pretty good handle on what was available at Community.PowerBI.com - but apparently not.

In addition to the discussion forum sections, and Ideas, and the User Groups, there are Galleries.
now, I knew about the Galleries - Themes, Data Stories, R Script…
But there is one I have ignored, because “I don’t need Quick Measures” - I view the Quick Measures similar to the recorder in VBA, good to have, but you almost always need to tweak the code to make it effective.
What I didn’t realize, until watching this Webinar today (which is a great one by the way)

is that the Quick Measures Gallery is VERY poorly named. It should probably be named the DAX Patterns Gallery (I’m guessing it’s not due to some copyright or something)

a couple of examples found in just a quick review of the gallery (which I will be reviewing a LOT over the next few weeks): “The Most Amazing, Mind Blowing Dynamic Slicer Title Measure Ever” by Greg Deckler

Sure, there are numerous dynamic title Quick Measures here in the gallery, but none are truly as mind blowingly dynamic and versatile as this one! This dynamic title measure understands all of the usual dynamic title things like everything selected, nothing selected, etc, but also understands direct and cross filtering context and can be easily modified to support any text formatting as well as display percentages, counts and simple text when picking multiple items.

Or, how about the one titled “SVG Microchart - Harveyball and Harveybox” from Tom Martens that shows how to code Harveyball images to represent percentage values in a table

So far, I have not found any where I could not download the PBIX files - this is great stuff. Happy Browsing!

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:+1: - terrific post! I ignored these for months for exactly the same reason (the only thing I have less enthusiasm for in Power BI than quick measures is autodetect relationships…), but there is an absolute treasure trove of great information there.

The timing of this is really coincidental. I’m working on my next video for the Enterprise DNA TV YouTube channel entitled “Five Strategies To Enhance Your DAX (or M) Toolbox”. #3 is based on use of existing patterns, and I talk about the Quick Measures gallery there too.

I also agree that Greg Deckler is an absolute wizard. The creativeness of his DAX solutions and the range of his expertise are both amazing.

Great stuff – thanks again for sharing this info.

  • Brian
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Thank you for the kind words Brian - while I agree with you on autodetect relationships being a major problem, probably the thing I like the least on PowerBI is actually the auto date feature. This causes SO many problems for newbie users, I wish they had never included it in the program.

After that I would probably rank autodetect relationships, and detect column type behind that.

Quick Measures, while very annoying, are one of those things that I can just ignore - although I’ve had to caution more than one new user about the possible bloat in those measures.

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