PowerApps and Power BI - Refresh data speed

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I am working on a solution where I use the PowerApps visualization within a Power BI report. With the PowerApp I change the underlying data on SharePoint and with Power BI I visualize the effects of these changes. This way I wan’t to provide a solution to perform what-if-analyses. The reason I don’t use the parameter function in Power BI to do this, is that the changes that the users will make are unpredictable so I can’t put them in a list in advance.

What’s my problem? The solution works well in Power BI Desktop. When I refresh there the changes in the data are reflected immediately, but the refresh in Power BI service is too slow. The changes in the data are reflected too late even with ‘refresh now’. I have also tried some things on the PowerApp side by adding a command to refresh Power BI automatically, but it doesn’t work.

Does anyone have some advice to speed up the refresh in this scenario?

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I’ve only just started working with PowerApps, so have no personal expertise to offer, but did find the following detailed article about PowerApps performance considerations:


Hope this is helpful.

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Hey @BrianJ,

Thank you very much for the help. I will dive into the article and get back.


Hi @uriah1977,

No personal experience at this time but have you looked into streaming datasets?

Here’s an example using Microsoft Forms but you could use Power Apps instead if that is required.

Thank you Melissa,

This is also very interesting. I need some time to look into the article @BrianJ provided and I will look at the streaming datasets options too. I really appreciate the support :slightly_smiling_face: