Power BI Desktop's May 2020 update brings Apply all filters, Filter pane migration, new connectors and more

The list of features in May update seems to be even more extensive than usual and focuses on ease of use in Power BI.

Updates have been introduced to various components including reporting, Analytics, Visualizations, Modeling, Data preparation, Data connectivity.

The change log below lists all the changes that have been made:


  1. Curate featured tables for Excel (preview)
  2. Apply all filters (preview)
  3. Enhancements to change detection (preview)
  4. Change detection simulation in Desktop
  5. Change detection queries in Performance Analyzer
  6. Drill through button action is now generally available
  7. Conditionally set the drill through destination
  8. Conditionally format disabled and enabled state tooltips
  9. Customize formatting for the disabled state
  10. Enhancements to page navigation action
  11. Conditionally set the navigation destination
  12. Support for shapes and images
  13. Buttons now support fill images
  14. Drop shadow support for visuals
  15. Filter pane migration


  1. Decomposition tree is now generally available


  1. Packed bubble chart by xViz
  2. Updates to hierarchy filter by xViz
  3. Power Apps visual is now compatible with all languages supported in Power BI


  1. List separator and decimal symbol will now default to the standard DAX separators
  2. Data preparation

Direct Query on Dataflows:

  1. Web by example now automatically suggests tables by default
  2. Enhancements to Query Diagnostics: Privacy Level partitions

Data Connectivity:

  1. Witivio connector
  2. Linkar connector
  3. Webtrends connector
  4. Planview ProjectPlace connector
  5. Shortcuts Business Insights connector
  6. Vessel Insights connector
  7. Zoho Creator connector

Please list your favourite features below in the comments section. :smile:

April update link: Power BI Desktop April 2020 Updates



Thanks – great summary. I tend to use a lot of buttons and images in my reports, so 12 and 13 are the big winners for me. I also really like the implementation of the drop shadow, which used to take a lot of manual effort and fiddling to get right.

  • Brian

yes @BrianJ, even I like the drop shapow feature but my favorite one is “Apply all filters”.

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