Power BI Challenge 9 - Currency Conversion and More from Mohammed

Here’s Mohammed’s entry for Power BI Challenge 9. @Mohammed_ali, feel free to add other details of your work.


Here’s how Mohammed described it:

This is my submission to EDNA Power BI Challenge 9.

The main challenge is to create a conversion model with 3 reporting currencies. I used Google sheets to get the daily fx rates with =GOOGLEFINANCE("Currency:USDGBP", "price", DATE(YYYY,MM,DD), DATE(YYYY,MM,DD).

This dashboard displays key metrics like Sales, Cost and Profit of a fictional recyle company. My main goal is to find loss making attributes in the dataset.

Main requirement is to produce a report from the data to give the user the ability to select a currency and see the associated sales and cost. I also used tooltips to provide additional insight. Hardest part is to calculate the profitability, Sales & Cost as we have multiple currencies involved in the business.

Please let me know your view, feedbacks and suggestions in the comments below.

To learn about the real-life scenario presented for the challenge, be sure to click on the image below.


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A very thoughtful and simple design. But super high quality. It just makes such a difference when you put things in grids and you don’t overuse colors. I hopefully your really learned that from us at enterprise DNA because it definitely looks like you’ve implemented it so effectively here.

Also the tooltip to me really leaps out of the page which I like. As soon as someone wants to dive into some more granular information it’s so much easier when you utilize a tooltip affectively like you have done.

Also the back end work you’ve done around grabbing financial information or currency data rather is really creative also.

Wll done.