Power BI Challenge 9 - Currency Conversion and More from Amdi

Here’s Amdi’s entry for Power BI Challenge 9. @Amdi, feel free to add other details of your work.




Here’s how Amdi described it:

Hi all

This is my submission.

When I saw the challenge I though, now I have the possiblity to learn how to calculate with currency. And Indeed, there was a lot of currency.

Out from the model in the description I build my model with the three currency tables, which relate to the three amounts Purchase, Haulage and Sale. This solution helps me a lot.

I calculated the new currency on the date (Delivery Date).

Created a currency table Where | Pund to USD | Pund to EURO | EURO to USD | EURO to Pound | USD to Pound| USD to EURO.

When I worked through, I realized that when Purchase-Pound, Haulage-Pound and Sale-EURO on the same row. When calculate Purchase and Haulage to EURO I did not get Sale- EURO to EURO. I handled this by expanding the currency table with the three currency. Where the rate was 1 for EURO to EURO | Pound to Pound | USD to USD |.

Example on a calculation for Ref-001 just for one quantity.

Sale -60

Purchase -112

Haulage 600

Formula= Sale – Purchase – Haulage

Result = -60 – (-112 + 600)= -548

In my calculations I only used Est. Weight

To learn about the real-life scenario presented for the challenge, be sure to click on the image below.


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Amdi it looks like a quick and dirty report build here. But once again appreciate the efforts and can see that you’re making small improvements as we go which is great to see. I hope you’re also seeing this as a solid learning experience to push yourself a little bit more around various different parts of your power BI development.

Nice one