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Power BI Challenge 8 - Jira IT Service Desk Analysis Entry from Mosbehi (non-member)

Here’s the entry from one of our non-member participants, Mosbehi.

Here is the link to the report:

And here’s how Mosbehi described it:

This my first submission for Enterprise DNA Challenges, so after I read the brief and dig into the dataset many times, the first question came to my mind is “WHAT IS JIRA?”, yes and to be honest, I know the name but I don’t really know what is Jira? and like the challenge 8 said “IT’S ALL ABOUT JIRA” and this is the beauty of challenge, it opens the door to learning new things that we did not know before, so I googled it.

From the dataset and after some optimization, I came out with this Model below:
-JiraTickets (Fact Table)
-Projects | IssueType|IssueSatus|ProjectType|Dates (Lookups Tables)
PS: I use M code (by Melissa) to create the Dates Table
Extended Date Table (Power Query M function)

The second challenge for me is to create a “Simple” interactive report which anyone can interact with. From the Jira Logo, I picked 3 main color: #123F4E |#E1E1E8 | #2A90B2, also I made my own custom theme from Enterprise DNA ‘s Color Theme Generator.

Once again from Jira Logo I create 4 different logos for my report (IT’S ALL ABOUT
JIRA). I used this site to do it.

The next step is combine all this and make a creative report, I noticed from the data that we have 2 type of project name (Help disk and POAM tracking ) so I come up with an idea , I created 3 button one in the middle for all projects and two others for Help disk and POAM tracking and with the help of the two magic tools (Bookmarks and Selection ) and one slicer.

I write also a DAX Measure that change the text based in button clicked.
Text Project =
var _selproj = SELECTEDVALUE(Projects[Project name])
var _text = SWITCH(TRUE(),
_selproj ==“Help Desk”,“HD PROJECTS”,
_selproj ==“POAM tracking”,“WA PROJECTS”,
RETURN _text

I tried to answer these two questions below by writing a DAX measure that detect issue without due date and others with due date after the created date:
1)How to handle records where the create date is after the due date?
2)How to handle records without due date?

Another 2 DAX measures that I should mention :
The Drill Button Navigation and The Drill Button Text
Drill Button Text =
VAR _issuefiltered =
IF (
HASONEFILTER (JiraTickets[Issue key]),
VAR _selissue =
SELECTEDVALUE ( JiraTickets[Issue key], “All Tickets” )
TRUE (),
_issuefiltered, “See Ticket " & _selissue & " Details”,
“Please select a Ticket below”
Drill Navigation Ticket =
IF (
JiraTickets[Issue key] )
“Ticket Details”,

From that button you can pick any issue from table and drill through more details.

From This Button we end up in this page, “Ticket Details”.

I wrote 2 calculated columns for due date and resolved date
Due Date TDetails =
var _due=
To resolve the issue of blank row.

Also, another DAX measure to describe the status of issue and some other information.

But when you click in the “Click for More Details”, some others information will be appeared.

Thank You!

To learn about the real-life scenario presented for the challenge, be sure to click on the image below.



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Really interesting and cool design here. I see that you’ve really tried to think a little bit outside the box and look to simplify down your insights to only the most important things. Which to me can work really well. You don’t always have to create this comprehensive multi page report if just one simple design within a report page can do everything you need and can tell the consumer what they should know.

I like how you enabled the user to dynamically select a ticket and find out more about it.

Certainly feels like you’ve covered the brief here and you’ve tried to do it in a succinct way.

Maybe one thing for next time is to challenge yourself that little bit more and see if you can build in some other navigation features and ideas into your report so you can make the consumer experience as compelling as you can. The more you do that the more engagement you’re likely to have in your reports and the more impact you can make with the analysis you’re working on.

Appreciate the write up also.