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Power BI Challenge 8 - Jira IT Service Desk Analysis Entry from Hossein

Here’s Hossein’s entry for Power BI Challenge 8. @sedhosen, would you like to share how you built this dashboard and what your inspiration is in building it?



To learn about the real-life scenario presented for the challenge, be sure to click on the image below.


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Hi everybody,
Thanks again @EnterpriseDNA for hosting this challenge!

Here is my submission for the 8th challenge with my inspiration creating it.

The first Image shows my data model. Since I didn’t have enough time, I decided to keep it simple and just created two distinct Date Table for “Creation Date” & “Resolution Date” columns in the main table. For other categorical columns like “Status”, “Type”, Assignee", etc. also I didn’t create separate lookup tables, and just used their columns in the main table.
If there is any problem with my data model, technically or conceptually, I would appreciate it if you help me to correct it. Any comments would be appreciated.

On the first page, “Overview” I just wanted to show some important and basic information about the whole process. Since the amounts of assignee column were emails, I decided to use “Assignee Names” instead of emails using query editor.
Using DAX I created “# of watchers”, “Resolving Days Cat”, and “Created & Resolved same day” measures using measure branching as follows:

# issues created & resolved same day = COUNTROWS(FILTER(‘Main Table’,DATEDIFF(‘Main Table’[Created],‘Main Table’[Resolved],DAY)=0))

Created & Resolved same day = IF( [# issues created & resolved same day]=1, “Yes”,“No”)

Resolving Days Cat =
IF ( [Resolving Days] <= 30, “< 1 Month”,
IF ( [Resolving Days] > 30 && [Resolving Days] <= 60, “1-2 Months”,
IF ( [Resolving Days] > 60 && [Resolving Days] <= 90, “2-3 Months”,
“> 3 Months” )))

# of Watchers =
IF ( ‘Main Table’[Watchers] = BLANK (), “No Watcher”,
IF ( ‘Main Table’[Watchers] <> BLANK () && ‘Main Table’[Watchers_4] = BLANK (), “1 Watcher”,
IF ( ‘Main Table’[Watchers_4] <> BLANK () && ‘Main Table’[Watchers_5] = BLANK (), “2 Watchers”,
IF ( ‘Main Table’[Watchers_5] <> BLANK () && ‘Main Table’[Watchers_6] = BLANK (), “3 Watchers”,
IF ( ‘Main Table’[Watchers_6] <> BLANK () && ‘Main Table’[Watchers_7] = BLANK (), “4 Watchers”,
IF ( ‘Main Table’[Watchers_7] <> BLANK (), “5 Watchers”, BLANK () ))))))

On this page, the graph showing the “Difference between Estimated and Resolution Dates” was so important to me, because I thought that maybe it can help the managers to find the problems with estimating the time an issue needed. I also used color circles in the table to categorize this measure into 3 different categories. If the estimated time was between (-30, +30), the color would be green, if it was greater than 30, the color would be yellow, and if it was less than -30, the color would be red.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
Best wishes

Enterprise DNA Challenge 8th.pbix (288.4 KB)


Well done on your reports admission here. I really like this simple color palette you’ve chosen and you haven’t overdone it which is really key.

Also I love how you broken your report down into grids and you’ve made it quite clear where the grids are. It’s so much easier for the consumer to navigate around your data when you do something like that so well done.

There’s not much I can fault with how you’ve created this report honestly. I think it’s actually really informative and highlights the key insights effectively.

Maybe one thing for next time is look to challenge yourself especially around some innovative navigation techniques that you can implement inside of power BI. I think maybe just working on building out your story hidden within your insights is something you can do to take your abilities and skills to the next level.

Nice work


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