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Power BI Challenge 8 - Jira IT Service Desk Analysis Entry from Hideo

Here’s Hideo’s entry for Power BI Challenge 8. @Hideo, feel free to add other details of your work.


Here is the link to the resport:

And here’s how Hideo described it:

On this report I have focused on Open ticket expecting that I can see any errors or issues through those tickets.

First screen is only one simple bar chart to make the consumer feel easy to prepare for the next step.We can find already issues from first visual that there are still open tickets sitting that were issued in 2018 which I think is too long if that really is the case.
I have prepared 5 icons in the lower section with explanations.
With these icons consumer can explore more details.

First step is to click table icon. This is a table for all the open tickets.Total open tickets are 175 and consumer can sort by “Due Not Supplied”, “OverDue” and “Yet to Due”. Once one of these are selected, background colour changes and message pops up as “This is a drill through panel” (image as below) so consumer can move to the drill through page by clicking the background panel which is having all the details of the tickets.

By clicking next pie chart icon and bar chart icon, another rays pop up. Those are slicers.
Consumers are having multiple option whatever they want to dig deeper depends on their convenience.
I made all the back panel as drill through button as well.

4th len icon is for the issues and counterpart solutions.

Last icon is to return to the home page.

To learn about the real-life scenario presented for the challenge, be sure to click on the image below.


Hello Forum members,

In a couple of previous challenge, I got advice from our leader Sam about my report.

  1. Page condense 2. Logo size and location to be consistent 3. Less colour can be better sometimes

I am taking that advise not temporal but as universal advice in every report.
As a result, I have reduced my own report pages significantly also I got rid of some PBIX files which are no longer necessary to keep.

I’m using book marks a lot to page condense and even though it is a bit time consuming the report looks more comprehensive for me compared with my previous reports.

(About bookmarks with “Selected visuals”)
I have used this selection type of bookmarks to open and close icons so please let me share how I did.

1.Create “Open i1”
Create open “i1” book mark and tick to “Selected visuals”
I have 4 icons to open & close (exclude reset & home button which can be done by "All visuals easily) on this report. Table icon group named “i1”, Pie chart icon group named “i2”, Bar chart icon group named “i3” and Len icon group named “i4”

2.Select the visual I want to activate by this bookmark
This time I want to open “i1” only so I have selected “i1” from the selection pane.

3.Update “Open i1” bookmark
Tick to “Update” for “Open i1” to make sure “Open i1” react only “i1” visual.

  1. Repeat the same process “Close i1” , “Open i2” …

It took me multiple days to complete these book marks because I was thinking about designing, alignment, icon locations etc at the same time.
I feel a bit of headache after doing bookmarks so I try to relax with a cup of coffee or tea after work.

Thank you for reading my write up and also letting me share the report.

All the best for all the members.


Really like how your thought outside the box with your navigation. This is actually really an innovative and haven’t seen this done in any report to this length.

I love the idea of a user being able to only see what they want and to be able to determine that by their selections in a report page.

I think the way you’ve designed this and also laid it all out for a consumer to understand really takes this report to another level.

I can see how this could be applied in many different ways if you really wanted to get granular around what you showed a user when they selected certain aspects of the report page. It’s really got my mind going actually as I’m writing this down to think that you could create layers within a report that came up one after the other or dynamically showed up depending on what story a consumer wanted to see or tell.

Strong color theme, and nice use of dynamic text to make the important takeaways really stand out.

Appreciate your write up as well. I’m confident that this will inspire others to take bookmarks and visual storytelling to another level. Well done.