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Power BI Challenge 7 - Purchases, Inventory And Sales Entry from Jarrett

Here’s Jarrett’s entry for Power BI Challenge 7. @JarrettM, feel free to add other details of your work.

Here is the link to the report:

And here’s how Jarrett described it:

Didn’t have much time to put this together, but put something together today that will suffice. Full writeup will be done in the next couple of days. Just added the Average Days calculations, so if you click on the web link right away it won’t look the same as the picture provided.

To learn about the real-life scenario presented for the challenge, be sure to click on the image below.


Another quality piece of development here Jarrett.

You’ve really gone out there with the colors which I respect. Usually bright pink wouldn’t be my go to! but I think you’ve made it work here by simplifying the color scheme that you’ve used.

One other thing I really like here is the seamless navigation experience between purchase and materials. It certainly looks like one page but I can see how you have integrated 2 pages with a simple navigation feature.

I can’t get over how good the navigation experience can be built now inside of Power BI with all of the additional bookmarking features that have been included recently. When you layer on top of that the tool tips additions that can be added there’s just so much you can build into an application that seriously looks like our web based app.

Nice one


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It is actually one page. I use Bookmarks & the Selection Pane to hide other details on the page. I hope to do a video soon on creating bookmarks and only using one page. Thanks for the great feedback.

Here is a photo of what my PBI Desktop looks like for this:


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Takes a bit of work, but I had the same idea and used a single page and many bookmark groups/bookmarks … kudos!


Hello Everyone, sorry for the delay in the writeup.

With this entry I didn’t have much time to put things together, or it would have been a bit more detailed. I put this whole report together in about 3 hours on Sunday. This probably wouldn’t have gotten completed if it wasn’t for some great tips from @Greg & @BrianJ ! It is always great to share ideas and thoughts with these challenges with these 2!

For my color choice, I was inspired by the great 1988 movie “Cocktail”. I bet a majority of you are too young to appreciate this movie.
Here is a snapshot of the cover:

I tried to keep the data model as simple as possible, but this probably took longer than any other section of building the report. I would have never thought to do something like @BrianJ did with his model. I’m encouraging him to do a video on this technique, as I think many could benefit from it!

Here is what the Data model looked like:

I had to do a few complex DAX measures with this model, but tried to keep the others fairly simple. I wish I had more time to put into this challenge, but grateful that I was able to pull something together at the last minute.



Coming to this from your video on the EDNA YouTube page. Thanks for sharing your methodology for putting this together.
Laughing at where you got your inspiration from.
I usually find it very challenging to find ideas for colour scheme and the visual aspect of creating a report. Going through covers for old-school videos for inspiration is not that bad an idea :laughing:


The Cocktail theme made me laugh too.

Along the same lines, album covers are a great source for color themes. Check out this site:

  • Brian

Wow. Another great resource.
Equal parts comical to brilliant.
Thanks for sharing that. Will take that into the next Power BI task I get.
Might even do an “about report page” with subtle clues to this content :slight_smile: :ok_hand:,

Challenge #8 coming out this week. Just sayin’… :smiley:

  • Brian
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I am paddling furiously to keep up at a relatively new job/gig at the moment, where I have to juggle a lot of Power Platform related learning.
Would love to have a bit of time to dive into one of the Power BI challenges. Trying to bing catch up with the submissions every month and a lot of incredible learning in there.

Anyway, I guess less entries leaves a clearer path for you to smoke less competition :sweat_smile:
I kid. Congrats on the recent win in the challenge.

Appreciate the encouragement to jump in.