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Power BI Challenge 7 - Purchases, Inventory And Sales Entry from Ankur (non-member)

Here’s the entry from one of our non-member participants, Ankur.

Here’s how Ankur described it:

Working Points:

  1. Created a Unique ID (Purchase Order + Material) for each table.
  2. Created a new query will Distinct Unique ID from all the 3 tables.
  3. Used these table to link all the tables.
  4. Created a new query with Distinct Purchase Orders number.
  5. Created a new query with Distinct Material.

Calculated Fields:

  1. Earliest Receiving Date: To get the first receiving date for the given PO and Material combination.
  2. Earliest Billing Date: To get the first billing date for the given PO and Material combination.

To learn about the real-life scenario presented for the challenge, be sure to click on the image below.


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Interesting work here, appreciate your submission.

Definitely some work on’s from me to improve your report developments for the future. Definitely I think you want to simplify your color scheme you don’t want to have too many contrasting colors like you have currently. Also you maybe want to layout a more clearer title for your page. Usually this would be good at the top, potentially the top left.

Also next time round in the challenge tried to extend your creativity around visualizations and representing data. You want to look to always improve your critical thinking and storytelling abilities with power BI. You have such an amazing toolkit now with all of the features inside of power BI to tell incredible stories about data. So the sooner you can start practicing that on these challenges with demo data the better.

Great to have you involved in the challenge and appreciate your efforts.