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Power BI Challenge 6 - Insurance Complaints Entry from Daniel

Here’s Dianiel’s entry for Power BI Challenge 6. @uriah1977, would you like to share how you built this dashboard and what your inspiration is in building it?




To learn about the real-life scenario presented for the challenge, be sure to click on the image below.


Hi all,

My primary focus this time was on solving the time duration per status. Coincidentally, this challenge ran parallel to a project at work where the status progress is monitored.

I also wanted to use small multiples to visualize the various dimensions. I don’t use so many custom visuals at work.

In addition I wanted to integrate a GIF file into a tooltip to explain certain steps to users.

My goal to dissolve more on the power query side was (again) not achieved due to lack of time. :frowning:


I have used the custom visual ‘Small multiples’ and added hierarchies. I have bookmarked every level in the hierarchy and put them in buttons as an action. The visual became slow so I duplicated the page and split the number of data fields in the visual and this speeded things up. I have hidden the duplicated page, but it can be accessed by the bookmarks in the buttons. I have added a tooltip to show the geographic information. To prevent small multiples from being shown without data, I put a measure in the visual filter on condition = 1.

Check values in FACT = INT(NOT ISEMPTY(ComplainsData_Tbl))

(I use this method all the times and usually put it in slicers to avoid selections without results)

On the other page I created a matrix visual containing the categories, subcategories and products. In the matrix I display the ratio to parent for the amount of complaints and duration. I used the following measurements.

PercOnParent =
VAR CurrentAantal = [# IDs]
VAR PerSubCat =
CALCULATE ( [# IDs]; ALLSELECTED ( Products_Tbl[HSubCategory] ) )
VAR PerTotaal =
CALCULATE ( [# IDs]; ALLSELECTED ( Products_Tbl[HproductCategory] ) )
VAR RatioToParent =
IF (
ISINSCOPE ( Products_Tbl[HSubCategory] );
DIVIDE ( CurrentAantal; PerSubCat );
IF (
ISINSCOPE ( Products_Tbl[HProductCategory] );
DIVIDE ( CurrentAantal; PerTotaal )

In the measure you will notice the columns HProductCategory and SubCategory. These are calculated columns based on the columns ProductCategory and SubCategory. For the purpose of the measure I created these calculated columns to prevent the hierarchies from being unintentionally affected by incoming filters on the original ProductCategory and SubCategory columns.

For the ratio to parent of the duration I have used the same logic.

Power Query

Added Melissa’s Date table of course!
And…. Too little….

Tooltip with GIF

I recorded a few steps with Honeycam and turned it into a gif. Then I created a report tooltip page. In the page background of that page I have included the GIF-file. I have placed the tooltip above the matrix visual to show the user certain steps when hovering over the question mark.


I have used the eDNA color picker to get the desired palette from an image. That was very easy to use.


I found the solution for the status durations for my project at work in this challenge. Although I have not visualized the progress of the individual statuses in this report I now understand how to create it. @Neba provided a solution that fits the requirements of my project at work in Power BI Challenge 6 - Insurance Complaints. Other participants gave me links to patterns that provide understanding. So thank you all!

These challenges are really great. Nowhere else outside of eDNA can you find this.


eDNA CH6 DA.pbix (1.9 MB)


I really like this submission a lot. And in my opinion you’ve created some really unique ways to visualise the information.

I particularly like the way your broken down each type into separate visualisation and then enable the user to drill into specific brokers and aspects of the complaints

This is really innovative and I congratulate you on thinking outside the box here.

I also love the simple ? That you’re placed in the navigation area and that has opened up into a tool tip.

To me the design is simple yet effective and really covers the brief well.

Appreciate the right up also. It’s good to see how you thought about working through this challenge.

One thing just when you’re placing formulas into the forum please format them correctly using the feature within the text box to me the design is simple yet effective and really covers the brief well.

Appreciate the write-up also. It’s good to see how you thought about working through this challenge.

One thing just when you’re placing formulas into the forum please format them correctly using the feature within the text box. It just makes it easier to understand and read formulas in particular threads.

I must say fabulous work, really like what you have incorporated into your design and report. Overall a really quality submission.


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Hi @sam.mckay,

I really appreciate your feedback. You create tons of eDNA content and still spend time on every submission. This really encourages people to adopt new visualization methods.

The feature within the text box is the one with </> right?


_eDNA Forum - Format DAX

Thanks @Greg!

By the way… How do you make that screenshot like a torn paper?


SnagIt, then select from the “Edges” options (

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Ok nice tool. Will look into it. Thank you.


When I first looked at it, I thought paying $50 for a screen capture tool was crazy. However, now that seems like a huge bargain. I just checked my stats and I’ve used it over 1,700 times in 2020 alone. It’s also a photo editor, gif/video creator/editor, annotator, etc. I find in particular it’s super helpful on the challenges for graphics editing, recoloring, etc.

  • Brian


Wow… That is often. Given your use of the tool, it is well spent in your case. I have to take a good look at it. I recently bought bandicam and I have to check the overlap.


Daniel - I love your use of the GIF, I think I might have to go back and incorporate that logic into some of my older reports. I’m constantly having to build how-to videos or files for my team (even for simple reports :frowning: ) Perhaps this will simplify SOME of that… Definitely checking out Honeycam (and a few other GIF software options)

Small multiples was a unique approach here, I had not considered using them when I was still trying to build a model (ran out of time again) - but there is some interesting data as you explore this way

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Not to sound like a paid SnagIt shill (I promise I’m not!), but it’s also great for short instructional video/gif creation. I use it to create all the gifs I put into tooltips (esp. reminders on how to drill down). Great control over size, fps, etc.

  • Brian
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Thanks @Heather, the free version of Honeycam has a recording time limit of 10 secs. Today I have heared good things about SnagIt.


:slight_smile: I’ll look into it - I haven’t paid much attention to Snagit because I have an open source clipping tool that I really like (Greenshot).

FYI windows 10 have a Snip & Sketch tool that is able to do screen prints