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Power BI Challenge 11 - Covid 19 Reporting from Hussein (Newcomer)

Here’s the entry from one of our non-member participants, Hussein.

Here’s the link to the report:

To learn about the real-life scenario presented for the challenge, be sure to click on the image below.


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This post is part of the Enterprise DNA platform improvements, through the Data Challenge our members can now share how they built their dashboard and what their inspiration is in building it. We hope all members can utilize it efficiently .

Really well done here. Super impressed by the report that you have created. I love a lot of the visuals that you have represented in your dashboard and a lot of other small elements you’ve added to really tell a good story.

Small updates to consistent colors would be helpful here but very easy to fix.

Also really like the way you’ve used grids inside your report. It makes the consumption that much more compelling when you can glance at a certain area in the report and see and find exactly what you need.

Highly commendable effort really impressed by your efforts on this one. Look forward to seeing more