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Power BI Challenge 10 - Supplier Insight from Shumaila (Newcomer)

Here’s Shumaila’s entry for Power BI Challenge 10. @Shumaila, would you like to share how you built this dashboard and what your inspiration is in building it?

To learn about the real-life scenario presented for the challenge, be sure to click on the image below.


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@Shumaila You have done a pretty excellent job being your first time challenge entry. You have kept the colors consistent throughout the report that’s amazing. Your analytical side is also pretty good. Keep learning and I believe your next entry will be a big improvement than your first one.

Good Job :+1: :+1:

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Hi Members,
At first I thought this data set is quiet easy and will only require few measures for the analysis. But as soon as I stated looking at the data, I realized, it’s not that much easy.
Foe me the first challenge was to find latitude and longitude of states, which I did after lots of search and with help of Luca.
Secondly, I had to create quite a few measures to find out top defected vendor and vendor, material with top down time. At this stage I took some help of my brother @hafizsultan.
The last challenging part for this report was to show is there a relationship between top defected vendor and vendor with top down time?
after trying many visuals, matrix sorted out the issue.
I have put lot of hard work and time in this challenge and no doubt learnt a lot in my journey.


@MudassirAli, thanks for your feedback. You all are really amazing. I am learning a lot through forum and Enterprise DNA courses. This is my first attempt to handle data from scratch and convert it into a meaningful report.
I hope, things will be getting better with more practice and time.
Kind Regards

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Congratulations on your first challenge participation @Shumaila ! You did a really clean and consistent report! The color theme is great! I like also your analysis. See you at the next challenge :slight_smile:

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Thanks Alex

This post is part of the Enterprise DNA platform improvements, through the Data Challenge our members and non-members can now share how they built their dashboard and what their inspiration is in building it. We hope all members can utilize it efficiently. (customize depending on the post requirement)


Great work by submitting your first report in the challenge. Color combination, design and analysis is great and it is amazing to see your work. Keep up brilliant work.

Kind Regards,