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Pipeline Scenario

Hi @Melissa,

I have got a new scenario and I will really appreciate your help. I have attached the xlsx file below.


As you see I have coloured the important rows in yellow and orange and I am trying to achieve the following in power query

  1. Where you have the EstStartDate and EstEndDate I want to create a column of dates as shown in the orange colour ranging from Eststart and Estendate of the project

  2. The monthly split columnJ in yellow is calculated by dividing the WeighedRevenue by No of Months. I want to split this amount evenly across the months created above in 1)

  3. Lastly Column K (Sum of Next 12 Months) I want to calculate the total amount across the months after the reporting date so for example in cell K4 the amount is 58000 by summing all the amounts after the 30/09/21 (From 01/10 till the ESTEndDate).

I hope this is not too much but will appreciate your help and thanks again for supporting me throughout my learnings.

Pipeline Demo.xlsx (11.1 KB)

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Hi @ambepat,

Here are some resources to help you on your way.
Maybe not a perfect fit but I think the concepts can be translated to your scenario

I hope this is helpful

Hi @ambepat,

How far did you get with your scenario?

I seem to have a slight difference in opinion with the excel DATEDIFF calc, it should count full months between two dates but its not…


Here’s the tMonthsDiff custom function to count full months and get the Dates.

( sDate as date, eDate as date ) => 
                    Table.TransformColumnTypes( Table.FromColumns( { List.Dates( sDate, Number.From( eDate - sDate )+1, Duration.From(1)) }, { "Date" } ), {{"Date", type date }}),
                "Record", each [ DaysInMonth = Date.DaysInMonth([Date]), StartOfMonth =  Date.StartOfMonth([Date]) ] ),
           "Record", {"DaysInMonth", "StartOfMonth"} ),
        {"StartOfMonth"}, {{"Count", each Table.RowCount(_), Int64.Type}, {"DaysInMonth", each List.Max([DaysInMonth]), type number}}),
    each [Count] = [DaysInMonth] )

and here’s the sample query, Note that due to the differences in Number of Months the figures are off - you will have to define some logic to deal with that.

    Source = Table.FromRows(Json.Document(Binary.Decompress(Binary.FromText("fY5NC8IwDIb/ivTcQpJ+rDsKHj0I4mn0ou6gIANX/79N61w3wR6SJ0l5eLtOHJ7Dvb/EDQop9sMYUwNU4BXxRhekhNvTLlXXOgBIgDBNPPAH6zNzAxHkrObj8XV+3GLsr4nJ1n6k2o9git/noqn4HYsLOzIrv1759Z/8ja/iN35O72zeoF26za8b4eMGhbjI3kIlz9NkR+u11Pl9TyG8AQ==", BinaryEncoding.Base64), Compression.Deflate)), let _t = ((type nullable text) meta [Serialized.Text = true]) in type table [#"Project Codes" = _t, Phase = _t, EstStartDate = _t, EstEndDate = _t, ProjectCurrencyCode = _t, Revenue = _t, Probability = _t, WeightedRevenue = _t, #"No of months" = _t, #"Monthly Split" = _t, #"Sum of Next 12 Months" = _t]),
    ChType = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Source,{{"EstStartDate", type date}, {"EstEndDate", type date}, {"Revenue", Int64.Type}, {"Probability", Int64.Type}, {"WeightedRevenue", Int64.Type}, {"No of months", Int64.Type}, {"Monthly Split", Int64.Type}, {"Sum of Next 12 Months", Int64.Type}}),
    InvokedCF = Table.AddColumn(ChType, "GetInfo", each tMonthsDiff([EstStartDate], [EstEndDate])),
    AddRecord = Table.AddColumn(InvokedCF, "Custom", each let WRev = [WeightedRevenue] in
        [ Monthly Split = WRev / Table.RowCount([GetInfo]), Next 12 Months = Table.RowCount( Table.SelectRows( [GetInfo], each [StartOfMonth] >= Date.EndOfMonth(Date.From(DateTime.FixedLocalNow())) and [StartOfMonth] <= Date.AddMonths( Date.StartOfMonth(Date.From(DateTime.FixedLocalNow())), 12) )) * [Monthly Split] ] ),
    ExpandRecord = Table.ExpandRecordColumn(AddRecord, "Custom", {"Monthly Split", "Next 12 Months"}, {"Monthly Split2", "Next 12 Months"}),
    ExpandTable = Table.ExpandTableColumn(ExpandRecord, "GetInfo", {"StartOfMonth"}, {"StartOfMonth"})

Here’s your sample file:
eDNA - Pipeline scenario.pbix (29.9 KB)

I hope this is helpful

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Not very far. This solution there is no way will be able to come up with it but I appreciate that you spent time on this to bring a solutions so really grateful for you help.