Pipeline Progression (and CRM analysts out there?)

Hi Everyone,

Looking for advice or examples of good CRM formulas to use to analyze our pipeline. I’ve been tasked with coming up with a CRM dashboard and so formulas that cover win rate, pipeline progression, etc would be great if anyone could perhaps share some examples.



Some of these might be helpful? (Unfortunately, I haven’t done work in this area myself yet.)

"Understanding Your Customers" sample

"CRM Sales Data" showcase


Thanks! I think I looked at the CRM sales data before but was surprised to see that win rate was not in the analysis.

Hi @richmont,

Sometimes Win rate might be classified as conversion rate or some other wording.

Conversion Rate = (Total leads - Leads lost)/Total Leads
or New customers/ Total Leads (possible new Customers)

I know every company might have different terminology.

Just a thought.


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Thanks Keith! I’m opting for this formula for now:

WinRate = DIVIDE (
        COUNT ( 'AllOpps-Products'[Description] ),
        FILTER ( ALL ( 'AllOpps-Products' ), 'AllOpps-Products'[New Status] = "Won" )
        COUNT ( 'AllOpps-Products'[Description] ),
        FILTER (
            ALL ( 'AllOpps-Products' ),
            'AllOpps-Products'[New Status] = "Won"
                || 'AllOpps-Products'[New Status] = "Lost"
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