OR Slicers in Direct Query


I have a data table which has the same column which feeds into 2 slicers (for example same column has Male employee and Female Classification and we may have to compare data among Male vs Female). 2 Slicers are Male data and Female Data. (Male Teens, Male Young Adults, Male Middle Aged, Male Older, Female Teens, Female Young Adults, Female Middle Aged, Female Older)

When we are using Direct query, the moment we select an item in Male slicer, the data will filter only to Male slicer selection. And if we select both Male and Female slicers, no data will show up because both Slicers together will send the data back to data base with “AND”.

If we put the both Male and Female slicer data in one slicer, the data will come perfectly because PBI sends the query to database with “OR” or “IN”. This scenario is not possible because users need separate slicers.

Is there is way we can “OR” the two slicers?

Hello @kavurir1 !

Can you upload a copy of the file thus we can undestarnd the whole process and give a more accurate answer.


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As @Yeriel rightly said, you need to provide comprehensive information like your files and screenshot image to understand your data scenarios better, however if what am thinking about your questions is right, then SWITCH (TRUE() approach can work for the problem you’re trying to solve

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Hello kavurir1,

In the following way, you can convert your slicers into the "OR condition -

  1. First break your table into the “Fact Table” and then the “Lookup Table” i.e. Info Table, Gender Table and Gender Category Table.

  2. Secondly you can either create a column using “Calculated Column” or Add Column option using “Column from Examples”.

  3. Create the following measure in your table and then drag the measure to the visual level filters and set it’s value to 1. Below is the measure provided -

     Check Measure = 
     VAR SelectedGender = 
             SEARCH( SELECTEDVALUE( Gender[Gender] , 1 ) , 
                 FIRSTNONBLANK( Info[Merged] , 1 ) ) ) , 
                 0 , 
                 1 )
     VAR SelectedGenderCategory =  
             SEARCH( SELECTEDVALUE( 'Gender Category'[Category] , 1 ) , 
                 FIRSTNONBLANK( Info[Merged] , 1 ) ) ) , 
                 0 , 
                 1 )
     IF( SelectedGender = 1 || SelectedGenderCategory = 1 , 1 , 0 )

Have also attached the PBIX file for the reference.

Hoping this solution meets your requirement.

Thanks and Warm Regards,

exp.pbix (67.9 KB)


If you’re not averse to the use of custom visuals, you can do this directly in SmartFilter Pro by OK Viz (the SQLbi guys).

Here’s a summary of my experience with it:

And a link to their webpage:

Hope this is helpful.

  • Brian
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