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New Initiative - Open Office Hours to Support Development of eDNA Data Challenge Entries


The response to Data Challenge #17 on Environmental Reporting has been phenomenal. Lots of excitement around this one. We love having newcomers, whether Enterprise DNA members or not participate in the challenges, but we recognize that doing so can be daunting your first time out. To help those who want to submit an entry, but are having trouble either getting started or with specific issues, we are introducing a new feature to the challenges – open office hours with Enterprise DNA Experts. These will be informal, collaborative webinars open to all, where you can bring your questions/problems and work through them with experts very experienced in developing high-quality Challenge entries.

The first two sessions we will be running will be Monday, November 22 at 7 PM ET and Tuesday, November 23 at 10 AM ET. We are trying to vary the times to allow folks around the world to participate at a time convenient to them. Here’s the link to register for the session you want to attend:

I leave you with these words from last month’s Challenge winner, @robert.maembe whom I think hit the nail on the head:

“The most difficult part for me and I guess others too is the first step: accepting the challenge. And I think the biggest obstacle is not the actual Power BI challenge but overcoming your own insecurities by exposing your work to feedback. The best advice I can give newcomers as a first time participant is to just go for it, sign up for these challenges, put your skills to the test and focus on learning instead of your ego. You’ll get much-much further and faster. See you at the next one :-). Good luck!”

  • Brian

Thanks for this initiative Brian, I have blocked out the time in my diary for the Monday session.

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@KimC ,

Terrific – look forward to seeing you there!

  • Brian