New Customers in a given period

I am trying to identify new customers in each new period/month. I have customer contributions These could be from Fees charged or interest income (from a deposit or loan). I am able to identify customer deposits for a given period, but would also like to see the new customer deposits from newly acquired customers
I have a date table and the table for contributions. I have watched your videos on this but not able to get this working right. Attached is a sample pbix of my attempt.
Any help will be appreciated


NewCustomerDeposits = 
	Customers = VALUES( Contribution[CustNo] )
           FILTER(ALLSELECTED(Contribution),Contribution[IncomeDate] < MIN(Contribution[IncomeDate]))) = 0 ))   

Customer 205 is new in Feb 2020,

However getting



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Hi @Pk1tre,

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Yes you don’t seem to be filtering your virtual Customers table or your Dates table…
Make sure you have placed the Dates[Date] in your Table visual and try this measure instead:

NewCustomerDeposits = 
VAR Customers = VALUES( Contribution[CustNo] )

CALCULATE( [Deposits],
    FILTER( Customers,
        CALCULATE(  COUNTROWS( Contribution ),
        FILTER( ALLSELECTED( Dates ), Dates[Date] < MIN( Dates[Date] ))) = 0 ))

If you still need support after that, please provide a sample PBIX - thanks!

Have you read through this?. Does this help?

Hi, Thanks for the pointers, I was able to resolve. However we are also redefining what a new customer means after presentation of the results. I.e is sometimes we do onboard customers and they don’t transact for a while. So there is a customer relationship start date in the crm system and also the first date we earn from them (contributions table).

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