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Asking Questions On The Enterprise DNA Support Forum

Please read through these rules and tips for asking questions on the forum before leaving any.


  1. We are determined to provide as much value as possible to all members on the forum but request that the forum not be used to ask for free consulting services or development work.

  2. Please break out separate questions into separate topics

  3. When thinking of a topic title name, think about what you would likely type into google search to get the answer.

  4. Please make sure the topic is tagged in the correct category. For example a DAX formula question is tagged in the ‘DAX Calculations’ category

  5. Please provide as much context to a question as possible. This includes the data, the model, the formula, the filter context etc. To get good answers just post as much detail about the issue or question as possible.

  6. Please be patient, this isn’t an on-demand forum. Response times will likely be anywhere between 12-48 hours.

  7. If you find a solution to your questions before it is answered please let us know.

  8. Please remember the forum is not a free development service or on-demand coaching service. It’s to assist your learning around how to complete Power BI development yourself. We will do as much as reasonable to help, but if there is some learning to be done, you may be directed to relevant tutorials to learn this yourself rather than having answers continuously delivered to you.

  9. We encourage everyone’s participation in the forum, as such we don’t allow single calling out of a member to answer a question as this may discourage other users to help your inquiry.

  10. Please refrain from messaging experts and users in other platforms, like Linkedin, Facebook, email, etc to follow up your inquiries.

  11. Let us maintain respect inside the forum. No rude comment and no compelling anyone to answer your questions.


A ‘topic’ is like a support question
‘Categories’ are like the filing system for all the questions on the forum


  1. The questions should be very specific around any particular aspect of Power BI development, including formulas, models, analysis scenario etc.

  2. A question should be able to be answered within a maximum time of 20-25 minutes

  3. A question should provide every piece of detail possible to provide context for the person answering the query.

  4. The question should provide a demo model that can be utilised for testing to find the answer if required.

  5. A question that enables you to be guided to the correct solution using the comprehensive training content and resources provided by Enterprise DNA.


  1. Adding data and a model without any supporting information, like what you are trying to do or what formula you are using

  2. Asking a question you know could take hours of time to answer.

  3. Asking more than one question in any forum thread

  4. Asking question after question in the same forum thread around the same project or piece of development work.

Thank you all for your consideration around the above rules and tips for using the forum.

This will really help a lot in getting the correct answers to you in the shortest time possible and will also help others who may come across your question/s tomorrow, next month, or two years from now.

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This post is part of the guidelines on how we can effectively utilize and manage the forum so all members can efficiently use it. To ask any questions please start a new topic within the forum.

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