Multiple IF Statements


What is the appropriate to create a new column in the data that has multiple IF statements. Below is what I started but I think I am missing something. I am trying to use nested IF statements. I know how to do it when dealing with less than or equal to but in the case where its equal and there is no false I am new to that and likely over thinking it.

Based on the Academic Year in the Academic Year Column I am trying to sign a specific number, which is the Cost of Instruction.


In case anyone starts looking at this I am still playing with it I just need to get the ELSE syntax correct for DAX.


SOLVED! This is the formula I needed to use. Then after that I figured out that I could have just used a conditional column. I racked my brain for nothing!!! :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

= Table.AddColumn(#“Reordered Columns2”, “Instructional Cost”, each if [Academic Year] = “2012-13” then 304 else if [Academic Year] = “2013-14” then 309 else if [Academic Year] = “2014-15” then 313 else if [Academic Year] = “2015-16” then 299 else if [Academic Year] = “2016-17” then 305 else if [Academic Year] = “2017-18” then 300 else 300)


I would use SWITCH/ True() logic instead of nested ifs. It’s a better way to write this

See below