Moving workspace

Hi All,

I have a report which is in 1 workspace and now i would like to move to another workspace. I have saved a copy and moved into new workspace. But here i am not able to see my data set.

How to get the data set as well?



What do you mean by moving report from one work space to another .

As i know we can not move one report from one workspace to other you need to publish that report to the new work space .

Note : In your comment you said you moved it let me know how .

Hi Anurag,

Please find the below screenshot to move your reports into another workspace.
click on save a copy

But i was wondering how to move Datasets as well.


If you download the pbix file from the original workspace then publish it to the desired workspace it will create a new dataset in the desired workspace.


You are not moving the report from one workspace to another here you are using the existed dataset to make a report in other workspace that why you are unbale to see the dataset in that workspace .

if you want to move dataset then you have to publish report on that workspace also.

Hi @Nagi_k,

You can download the pbix then, in the “datasoruce settings” Change the data source to the PBIDX data model that is already present in the workspace then publish the report to a new workspace.

Let me know if I understood your issue correctly or, not

Not sure if its possible in the service as well or, not…or, there is any easy way out… @BrianJ , what’s your thought on this. :blush:

Ok …We are doing the same finally …Downloading all the PBIX files and publishing into the new workspace.

Thank you .


i dont know why we are unable to see the data set in that workspace.Hence i raised it in forum.

If you need to download a lot of pbix files and publish them to a new workspace, I’d suggest using RADACAD’s Power BI Helper. They have a great walkthrough on how to do exactly that here: Power BI Helper - Copy workspace, publish to multiple workspaces, download all PBIX files, and much more


Thank you @bradsmith

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