Modifying Blanks in Axis Visual

Is it possible to modify the (Blank) to a specific text within the axis view? The ETA column is a Date column, so I am unable to change the null values to text in the Power Query Editor.

I don’t want to filter out the Blanks because they are import to our visual, but don’t have an ETA yet.
Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

Do (Blanks) Bar change its position when you use filter on your page? If not, then you can use the Text Box and put on top of (Blanks) Text and name it anything you like. This fix will only work if the Bar showing the results with (Blanks) stay in its position. I think the position won’t change as it is a Text and the other are Dates and Blanks will be at the left side as long as it has values to show. In this scenarios, you will always have ETA and will always have Blanks showing so I think this could work.

I wish Power BI allowed changing the axis name. Try this method and see if this solves it.

Thank you for the idea, however I don’t think that will work as the count of ETA days will change resulting in the blank column to move throughout the visual.

Well, it’s far from elegant, but you could add a new column to the value table with the text you want to use:


this new column will be a text column instead of a date column, so add the step of sorting this column by the Date column (same table)

Then instead of using your date table for the axis, use this new “Date for Axis” column. And yes, you can still slice on the date

sample file attached dealing with blank dates.pbix (22.1 KB)


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