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Microsoft Business Central, CDS & Power BI

Hi everyone.

Looking for some advice, I’m not an IT expert i work in finance but i’m not bad at creating finance related PBI reports.

I’ve been asked at a new company to write some finance PBI reports. The company uses Microsoft Business Centre and CDS which i’ve not used before. They are using CDS for some IT related KPI reports via Power BI but not for any finance related reports.

I’ve watched a few videos and read some blogs about CDS but I’m struggling to understand whether for my Power BI finance reports I should connect straight into Business Centre via the connector available or should I be utilising CDS and if so how / why?

Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated.

hello sir,
i dont know about cds but you can connect your business center through web services. Just search web services from the search and go to web services. Now just choose and type the fields you required for pbi report like sales header line as you will type there will be automatically web address called as odatafeed address. Just copy it and add data in power bi with odata option. Remember you will need the user id password of particular user which you are using in business center just go to user setup and enable web services.
may be this will help

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