Making a change in Power Bi desktop and Refreshes

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I have an easy question that I can’t seem to find an answer online.

I have just created a Power BI report that has an ODBC connection to a database and have set up scheduled refresh. My question is:

  • If I make a change within the Power BI Desktop and perform a manual refresh to the dataset, will the change be picked up automatically or will I have to republish the report.

To be specific, I have a department group that I created using an existing column. Everytime I made a change within this group i.e added a new group, I refreshed the dataset within Power BI desktop but the change was not reflected online. I then refreshed the dataset within Power BI app online, still no change. The changes would reflect in PBI online only after I republish and repace the dataset, Is this normal behaviour?

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Hi Suraaj,

You would have to republish as you are making changes.

Any changes you make in the Desktop will not be reflected in the service/online automatically until you republish the report.


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Hi @Suraaj, a similar topic was covered in this forum thread link. You might get additional tips here