Left Outer Join like DAX Measure


I seem to be having an issue and I am unable to resolve it.

I have table 1 items connected to table 2 transactions (See screenshots) by type.

I have written a simple sum measure. I am trying to get the output as all records from table 1 and only matched in table 2 (Similar to left outer join)

The tables are connected by a 1-many relationship but the output skips B completely.

Can you please either tell me where to look or which tutorial I can review?

Table 1


Expected Output


You should create a 1 to many relationship.



My apologies. It is a 1-many relationship already. Still does not work

Not to state the obvious but I see no Type=B in Table 2
Perhaps you can turn on “Show items with no data” for the Type column of your Table visual?


Thanks for that. Yes that sorted part of the issue. I will be working on it today to see if i can resolve some of the other issues and if I will post back with an outcome.

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