JSON template with all property code

Is there a ‘template’ json file with the 29 or so visuals and all levels of their settings available somewhere?

I would like one with all the default settings as property settings, for example, if the default text colour is black, then have

fontColour: {

or even better,

fontColour: #000000

has anyone set one up with all properties in a JSON yet?



Hi @jgriffit,

I think there is huge list of setting available and every month Power BI is getting updated. Though you can refer below links to get what you are looking for. It will be one time activity to do setting export per your choice and reuse it with changes.

Use Microsoft document to understand each setting and default value in json format.

Below is easy way to use the field to get your color.

Found this …
This is very useful with links to good code on github.


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You may check our Colour Theme Generator as well in the Analyst Hub.

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