Is there a way to show Geofences in and Enterprise View with Power BI?

Hi All,

I’m looking at a way to load up custom Geofences into Power BI that could be viewed in an Enterprise view, such as in an embedded dashboard for example or publish to web.

Typically the file you would use for this is a Shape file for the Geofences.

I thought I might have been able to get there using the Filled Map Visualisation but that only works using its reverse geocoder which would be no good for custom geofences.

I then thought maybe the ArcGIS MAp with an Enterprise Licence would be the go but on reading the support Docs of it it doesn’t allow that.

Here’s a link to the support docs.

Any ideas

Thanks in advance



I have absolutely no idea how to do this, but I know the next best thing - whom to ask. Looping in @Paul, who’s the resident guru on geospatial analysis in Power BI.

  • Brian

Thanks Brian

Hi David,
You can use the Mapbox visual for this. Download the visual from the store, create an account at the Mapbox website, to obtain a token used in the visual to gain access to your account. Create your shapes and import into Mapbox Studio which is the online tool of Mapbox, connected to your account. (you will have to create a geojson file of your shapefile, In Studio you can create a layer of the shape and subsequently use this in the visual. I have once posted a full explanation about how to create geojson files for mapping. Your layers will be saved in your account for further use or editing.

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Boom thanks Paul,

For the record Mapbox is my favourite mapping visual of all the mapping visuals.

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Hi Paul,

I’ve converted my file to GeoJSON but when I load it up I keep getting the following error.

“bounds west value must be between -360 and 360”

I’m assuming the conversion has pushed out some numbers outside of Web Mercator projection. i.e. Outside the area of the Earths surface.

To keep things simple here’s a simple geofence of a local government area which I’ve received as the following Shape files.

LGA_region.dbf (169 Bytes) LGA_region.prj (432 Bytes) LGA_region.shp (122.2 KB) LGA_region.shx (108 Bytes)

I dropped them all into the tool and converted them to the following GeoJSON file.

LGA_region.json (292.3 KB)

I then tried to load this file up into Mapbox Studio as a tileset. and it throws out the error. Here’s a link to where you load up Tilesets (I know I’ll have to do this with my own account.)

Here’s a link to the troubleshooting section of the docs I received when I clicked on the error.

Any chance you can have a look at it Paul and see what you can come up with?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.



Hi David,

I have been able to map the files in a GIS program, no issues.
Never incurred the error you show in Mapbox.
Did you “simplify” the shape to reduce the number of points in Mapshaper?