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Introducing A New Enterprise DNA Initiative – Optimization Lab


As an adjunct to the excellent new Optimizing DAX course that we premiered in January, we are starting a new initiative this month called Optimization Lab, featuring Enterprise DNA expert @AntrikshSharma. If you are a regular on this forum, you undoubtedly have come across Antriksh’s amazing DAX deep-dive explanations of key DAX concepts, like this one and this one. In addition to his virtuoso DAX coding skills, he is also incredibly knowledgeable about the intricacies of DAX optimization.

The Lab will be a regular monthly video feature on the Enterprise DNA TV YouTube Channel in which Antriksh, using the tools and techniques explained in the Optimizing DAX course, goes step-by-step through one or two member-submitted measures, diagnosing the performance issues and showing you how to optimize them for best performance.

We think this will be a great companion to the course, regularly applying the principles to practical, real-world situations that you may come across in your own reports. If you have a measure that is running slowly that you would like us to consider featuring in Optimization Lab, please create a new topic in the forum under the category “Optimization Lab”. In this post, please briefly describe your problem and be sure to include both your PBIX file and data file. The data file is critical, since optimization may involve revisions to your data model, as well as your DAX. If your data contain any sensitive information, please refer to this video for simple techniques on how to mask confidential information.

Thanks, and we’ll see you in the Lab…

  • Brian



Awesome work Brian. Another super initiative under the eDNA banner!

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