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Individual Measure Formatting within Calculation Group

Hi All

My question takes a different angle but stems from a topic that already has a solution.

See link below:

Name of topic: Dynamic measure formatting in charts using Calculation Groups

How would you format say the Margin % column only if for example it had negative % values so that the negative % values are red and the positive values are green?

what you are looking for here, is a conditional format - if you do a search on the forum, you will find several responses covering this topic for a variety of needs.

Conditional format settings for a table or chart can be found in the visual format settings (image below is from the column table settings):


Thanks @Heather. I have already done a search but couldn’t find anything helpful specifically for this problem. If you know of specific post please may you share the link.

Hi @Harvey, you may also want to check this videos. You might get additional tips here.


Awesome! Thank you @Heather!