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Important update to data challenge #17 - please read

Continuing the discussion from Power BI Challenge 17 - Environmental Data Reporting:

Data Challenge 17 - now five more ways to enter and win!

Because of the important subject matter and real-world nature of Data Challenge 17, we want to maximize the number of entrants and the brainpower dedicated to addressing these critical environmental issues. We recognize analyzing and reporting on all five separate datasets can be a time-consuming and potentially daunting endeavor. So in addition to providing a full entry addressing all five datasets, we also wanted to give you the option to submit a partial entry, addressing one or more of the datasets provided.

Here’s how it will work. The overall winner and the newcomer winner still will be taken only from full entries addressing all five topics. However we will also have individual winners for each separate topic. If you submit an entry covering multiple topics, you automatically will be submitted into each of the individual topic competitions, and the winner of each will also receive a free annual Enterprise DNA Membership.

Thus, if you only have time or inclination to analyze say the air toxics or precipitation data, you can still contribute to this important initiative and gain valuable skills and experience in the process…

Here’s the link to the full challenge description/brief:

There’s still two full weeks to get involved in this challenge. I’m hard at work on my entry (no conflict - eDNA experts participate for learning/teaching purposes only and are not included in the competition pool) and I hope to see yours as well.

Good luck!

  • Brian

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