If statements for Calculations

I am trying to create a state that says “If a column is blank, type na” If the column is not blank, or is a number greater than 0, then perform the following divide calculation. I have put the code below. I am getting the error listed below it:

Test =
Calcs[Conv Weight] = BLANK(),
VALUE(Calcs[ConventionalCycleTime]) >= 0,
DIVIDE(Calcs[Conv Weight]-Calcs[iMFLUXPartWeight],Calcs[Conv Weight])))

Error: Expressions that yield variant data-type cannot be used to define calculated columns

Please help!

@stiefel.ed Do your calculated columns have the same Data Type? It usually occurs when you have both number value & text value in one calculated column.

It would be helpful if you can attach your pbix and excel file.


Yup, you’re trying to put 2 different data types in the same column, so the error. You’ll need to change one of them, either the na to 0, or format the number as a string.

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Is there anyway to make that happen? I want an NA to come up in my report if there is a blank, but otherwise use a calculation of 2 other columns.

(Column A- Column B)/Column A

You could do the calculation as you want, then convert the result to a string, but that means you’ll need to do that for any totals as well, as auto-totalling won’t work.

Thank you, I think this is helpful. I will respond if I have any further issues.

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