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Ideas for setting up financial data

Hi everyone, I am back and looking for some guidance on data set up again.
I am undertaking a project to migrate 120 airlines financial data into a format that is BI friendly so I can move to BI reporting from excel.

I am at phase 1 and I have been going through Financial Reporting /w BI in the structured learning. I have decided to reformat the data in excel so that the data entering BI via power query is as clean as possible.

I am looking to the forum for guidance as to what might be best practise.
First off I am working with an excel databook for 120 airlines and in this excel there are a number of key inputs:

  • annual operational
  • quarterly/semi annual operational
  • annual income statement
  • quarterly/semi annual income statement
  • annual balance sheet
  • quarterly/semi annual balance sheet
  • annual cash flow
  • quarterly/semi annual cash flow

Attached is an example of the excel sheet that is currently used to track the figures. I am trying to figure out the best way to set this data up. I am looking a couple of options

a) Have a separate tab for each of the bullet sections above

b) alternatively I thought it might be better to include all data in one tab and just use more column categories for example:

I think this set up is going to be one of the most important factors as I have to transform 120 spreadsheets into this so I really want to get it right if at all possible. Any guidance or help at this stage would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all
3) Air Canada Financial Data Book Q3 2021 (inc IFRS 16).xlsx (906.2 KB)

Welcome back to the forum @Ronan :slight_smile:

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Hi @Ronan - Looking at the inputs and sample provided, I will suggest to go with Option 2 as it will result in single fact table considering

  1. Other columns like Airline/Code/Type are same across different sheets.
  2. Data is not huge in Individual sheets, so that combined data in Single Table is in Millions.
  3. There are separate tables for Financial Template and report will make use of measures to get the desired value from single table.

Can also look to create separate lookup tables for Airlines Categories/Type etc to have a Fact Schema.

Ankit J

Thank you Ankit, yes I have the lookup tables held outside of this and they are all straight forward rather it was these large fact tables that I was not so sure. I will have quite a lot of data when I build it all out.
Thank you very much for your input

It’s great to know that you are making progress with your query @Ronan.

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