HTML detection & html tag removal

Hi all,

Anyone have code to detect “HTML” example in query editor if text.left = < & text.right = >, but more importantly, how to automatically strip all tags and/or convert to default text?

You may or may not know that PowerApps/Dynamics know supports HTML editing for multiline text fields, so this is going to be a very frequent question very soon.

PS: for those who think: I’ll just use the HTML visual, you should know you can’t export that to pdf or ppt so other than on the report itself, it has little value.



Hi @Wlknsn,

I remember seeing a post about that, can you see if this is helpful.

For a Custom Column:
Html.Table( [Your Column Name Here], {{"text",":root"}}){0}[text]

and a link to the documentation:

I hope this is helpful.


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