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HR Data model For Attrition and Manpower Planning

Hello Guys,

In my HR team we working on Building Attrition Predictive Model and Manpower Planning model, since in my organization the Attrition Rate is preety high, therefore they asked us to explore ideas on building the same…

So what are the things to consider for building this model in Power BI because am using this tool, is there any used case which is done in Power BI which I can take idea from…

Thanks in Advance…

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Here are two prior threads on this same topic that I think you’ll find helpful.

When I think of predictive modeling, to me that typically indicates some form of regression analysis. You can do very simple linear regression in Power BI, but to really do it well I would recommend doing your predictive modeling in R and then integrating that analysis into Power BI. Fortunately, R and Power BI work beautifully together. I am actually working now on an Enterprise DNA platform course on R for Power BI users, to roll out this summer.

For an example on integrating predictive R modeling with Power BI, I would direct you to our team Data Challenge entry #11, where we built an R model of predicted COVID deaths worldwide within Power BI.

I hope this is helpful.

  • Brian
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